Thursday, January 22, 2015

First Time Mom Google Searches

Being a first time mom is hard and confusing. I have a PhD in developmental psychology and I'm often baffled. Thankfully, Google facilitates, without judgement, my research attempts aimed at filling the voids of knowledge on child development left unfulfilled by my graduate training. Below, you'll see the highlights of my Google searches during my first 10 months of motherhood.

-Newborn breathing sounds like a pig
-Number of poops breastfed newborn
-Baby scrotum bright red
-Baby boy yeast infection
-How long until milk comes in
-Newborn won’t nap
-Free white noise
-Free vacuum sound
-How to get newborn to sleep
-Why breast milk poop smells like vinegar
-Why breast milk poop is green
-What are the chunks in breast milk poop
-Baby hates tummy time
-Teething ages
-Teething baby won’t sleep
-How long teething lasts
-Age to start sleep training
-Baby’s butthole smells like cheese
-Baby breath doesn’t stink
-When kids breath starts to stink
-Can you die of sleep deprivation?
-Sleep training
-Cry it out
-Cry it out okay
-Cry it out bad
-No tears sleep training method
-How much coffee when breastfeeding
-Post partum depression
-Antidepressant breastfeeding
-Teething diarrhea
-Teething diaper rash
-Teething slight fever
-Whole raisins in poop

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